Meet the Founder and President    

An extraordinary success story began more than 25 years ago with the dream of one man



                              Mike Youssef, Ph.D. is a Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIE Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Youssef has over 25 years of dedicated research and practice in the nutrition and preventive medicine. 

                              Dr. Youssef, who has the doctor's degree in the Nutritional Science and Master's degree in Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been continuing the nourishment study, the research of preventive Medicine, and the clinical for many years. He has developed a lot of immediate effect supplements made from 100% natural raw material.  

                              Dr. Youssef has created the most effective herbal formulations for liver Hepatitis and Cirrhosis in the world. Also, he created superior dietary supplements designed to improve the quality of our customers lives but going forward these brands will be complemented by Dr. Youssef's superior leadership skills and customer service  

                              In 1982, he lost his father due to Hepatitis C. He promised himself that he would create his own formula to eradicate hepatitis. After too many years of study and clinical trials, he developed a formula to eradicate hepatitis virus.  The leading worldwide universities have been recognized this formula as a Miracle formula for the liver. 

                              Also, he dedicated his time for the study and the clinical trials to stop the advancement of cancer naturally after his sister passed away with Cancer in 1999. To improve our QOL (Quality of Life), Mike Youssef, Ph.D. still continues his research, study, and clinical for new formulas.

                  Dr. Youssef is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of     the Board of Directors of AIE Pharmaceuticals. He has over 25 years of dedicated research and practice in the nutrition and preventive medicine. 

                  In 1989, He had a passionate interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was my favorite hobby. Many Chinese formulas were over 200 years old, so he began to seek ways to improve them by using different extract methods to achieve faster results in shorter time.

                  The first formula that he created  was “Livral Complex” which improves and restores liver function. It also strengthened the immune system; protect liver from infections caused by viruses and diseases. After the formula was developed, it was tried on several patients in two different clinics. In 1990, results were collected and were proven effective with a high success rate of 70%.

                  Soon, he began to develop more formulas for heart, diabetes, weight loss, colon, skin, sex, and finally cancer. In 1995, AIE Pharmaceuticals Inc., was established with the research center, “American Nutrition Center”, which he was responsible for creating new formulas and improving already existing formulas. AIE’s business is to specialize in manufacturing dietary and natural supplements.

                  Between the years 1995-2000, he had received invitations to several universities regarding the discovery of “Livral Complex”. Soon, many articles about his formula were published in several health magazines and websites. Between the years 2000-2005, he had helped many research centers to improve their procedures to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing herbal medicine and supplements.

                  He had also been invited to China for seminars; television interviews, talk shows, and helping distributors improve marketing and advertising techniques for over the counter medicine (OTC) in Beijing, and Xi’an.

His Capabilities

- Making new formulas  - Improving existing formulas - Research and Education-Building new facilities - Familiarity with all equipments, S.O.P. and CGMP standards

- Familiarity with OSHA procedures, management of all size factories (small, medium, and large) - Creating leaders, supervisors, administrators, managers, and formulators

- Experienced in different advertising and marketing strategies - Managed seminars and TV talk shows

- Familiarity and expertise in FDA regulations, export documents and registration - Experienced in financial banking

 Summary of Experience

  Scientific Research.  Creating New Formulas. Clinical studies and clinical trials. Business Administration and Management. FDA regulation/registration. Exports/Imports.  GMP Guidelines